Scientific Achievements

[1] Uncertainty Theory
Uncertainty theory is a branch of mathematics based on normality, duality, subadditivity, and product axioms. The goal of uncertainty theory is to study the behavior of human uncertainty.

[2] Uncertain Programming
Uncertain programming is a type of mathematical programming involving uncertain variables.

[3] Uncertain Process
Uncertain process is a sequence of uncertain variables indexed by time or space.

[4] Uncertain Calculus
Uncertain calculus is a branch of mathematics for modelling uncertain processes through integral or differential equations involving uncertain variables.

[5] Uncertain Differential Equation
Uncertain differential equation is a type of differential equation driven by canonical process.

[6] Uncertain Logic
Uncertain logic is a generalization of logic for dealing with uncertain knowledge.

[7] Uncertain Inference
Uncertain inference is a process of deriving consequences from uncertain knowledge or evidence via the tool of conditional uncertainty.